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     Bluetooth / Speakers
     Cellphone decoration
     LCD Screen Protector
     Leather Pouch
     Protector Case
     Protector Diamond
     Power Bank
     Silicon Skin Case
     Mercury Case
     MFI Apple Chargers
     OEM Bluetooth
     OEM Speaker
     OEM Data Cable
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     Boost Mobile
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     Straight talk
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     Verizon Wireless
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LV5/ K10 (2017) M250/ K20 Plus (T-Mobile/ MetroPcs)



LG Stylo 3 (MetroPcs)

M153 Fortune/M150 Phoenix 3(AT&T/Cricket)
K8(2017)(US Cellular/Verizon)

V20 (Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/U.S. Cellular)

G Pad III 8.0 V525/G Pad X 8.0 V520

Tribute HD LS676 / X Style(Virgin Mobile/ Boost Mobile)

X Power K210/ K6P
(Bost-Mobile/ Sprint/U.S. Cellular/Cricket/AT&T)

K8V VS500 (Verizon)

LS450/ K3 (Virgin Mobile/Boost Mobile)

Escape 3 (Cricket)

K10 (T-Mobile/ MetroPcs)

Stylo 2 PLUS MS550 (MetroPcs)

LG G5(Verizon/AT&T/Sprint
/T-Mobile/U.S. Cellular)

Stylo 2 LS775 (Sprint/Boost Mobile/Cricket)

Optimus Zone 3 VS425PP/ K4/ Spree (Verizon/Cricket)


Tribute 5

K7/M1 (T-Mobile/MetroPcs)/ Tribute 5 (Boost Mobile) / Escape 3 (Cricket)/ K8

H740 G Vista 2/ G4 Vista (AT&T)

Nexus 5X


Volt 2 LS751(Boost Mobile)

V10 (Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile)

LG G3 Stylus D690

Volt 2 LS751(Boost Mobile)

H815 G4 (AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/US Cellular/Verizon)

Escape 2/ Spirit H443 (AT&T)

Lancet VW820 (Verizon)

Sunrise L15G / Lucky L16C(StraightTalk/TracFone)

LS770/H631 G4 Stylus (Sprint)/G Stylo (T-Mobile/Boost Mobile/MetroPcs/Cricket)

Cosmos 2 VN251 (Verizon)

306G (TracFone)

Leon C40/Tribute 2 LS665/Destiny L21G/Power L22C/Risio(Boost Mobile/T-Mobile/MetroPcs/Straight Talk/Cricket/Sprint/Virgin Mobile)

G Flex 2 LS996 (AT&T/Sprint/U.S. Cellular/BoostMobile)


True 450 (Cricket/T-Mobile/MetroPCS)

G Vista (Verizon / AT&T)

F70 / Access 4G LTE L31G / LTE L31L

TRIBUTE LS660 (Virgin Mobile/Boost Mobile)/F60/
MS395 (MetroPcs) /Transpyre VS810 (Verizon)

Optimus Zone 2 VS415PP (Verizon) / Optimus Fuel L34C(Straight Talk)

G Pro 2 D838 (AT&T)

G3 mini/G3 S/G3 Beat/G3 Vigor/D725(AT&T/Sprint)

Freedom II / Extravert 2 VN280
(U.S. Cellular / Verizon)

Extravert VN271 (Verizon)

G3(U.S. Cellular/Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/BoostMobile)

Optimus L90 (T-Mobile)

G2 mini D620/LS885 (Sprint)

Optimus Exceed 2 W7(Verizon)

LS740 Volt (Sprint/Boost Mobile/Virgin Mobile)

G Flex D950 (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile) 

Lucid 3 VS876 (Verizon)


G2 VS980I (Verizon)

LG Optimus L70 (MetroPcs/Cricket) / Optimus Exceed 2 W7 (Verizon)
/ LS620 Realm (Boost Mobile) / L41C Ultimate 2 (Straight Talk)

Optimus F6 D500 (MetroPcs/ T-Mobile)

Enact VS890 (Verizon)


Envoy II UN160 (U.S. Cellular)


Nexus 7(2013)


Optimus Extreme L40G (Straight Talk/ Net 10)




Optimus Logic L35G (Straight Talk)

Google Nexus 5

840G (Tracfone/Straight Talk/Net10)




Motion 4G MS770 (MetroPcs)

VS910 Revolution / MS910 Esteem (Verizon/MetroPcs)

VS950 Intuition (Verizon)

E960/ Google Nexus 4/(T-Mobile)

Optimus G E970 (AT&T)

Xpression C395 (AT&T)

Spectrum 2  VS930 (Verizon)

Venice/ Splendor (Boost Mobile/Sprint/ US Cellular)/L86C (Straight Talk)

P960/P930/NITRO HD (AT&T)

Mach LS860 (Sprint/ Boost Mobile)

Marquee/ Optimus Black LS855/P970/ (Sprint / Boost Mobile/Straight Talk)

Optimus M+ MS695 (MetroPCS)

VS700 Enlighten /LS700 Optimus Slider(Verizon/ Sprint)

P509 Optimus T (T-Mobile)/ P506 Thrive(AT&T)

MS840 Connect 4G (MetroPcs)/ LS840 Viper(Sprint)

G2X (T-Mobile)

MN240 Imprint (MetroPcs)/LN240 Remarq (Sprint)

LG Chocolate Touch / VX8575 Touch (Alltel/ Verizon)

GR500 Xenon (AT&T)

LX260 Rumor (Alltel/ US Cellular)

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