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Whirl 2/ Zinger Z667/ Prelude 2 (Net 10/AT&T/T-Mobile/Cricket)

ZMax Z970 (T-Mobile/MetroPCS)

Concord II Z730
(T-Mobile / MetorPCS)

Compel Z830 (AT&T)

Grand X Max Z787 / Max+ Z798 (Cricket)

Sonata/Radiant Z740 (AT&T/ Cricket)

Grand X Z777 (Cricket)

Warp Sync N9515 (Boost Mobile)

Majesty Z796c (Straight Talk)

Illustra Z788G (Straight Talk)

Max N9520 (Boost Mobile)

Source N9511 (Cricket)

Whirl Z660g (Straight Talk)

Solar Z795G (Straight Talk)

VALET Z765C/  Savvy Z750c/ Awe N800/ Reef N810 (Straight Talk/ Virgin Mobile) 

Z998 (AT&T)

Aspect F555 (T-Mobile)


Warp 4G  N9510 (Boost Mobile)

Overture Z995(Cricket)

Groove X501 (Cricket)

Prelude/Avail 2 Z992 (AT&T/ Cricket)


Engage LT/MT N8000 (Cricket)





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