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Boost Mobile


Apple iPhone 12 mini (5.4)

Apple iPhone 12 Pro (6.1)

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7)

Motorola Moto E(2020)/Moto E7

iPhone SE(2020)

Motorola Moto G Fast

Samsung Galaxy A21

Samsung Galaxy A11

LG K51

Samsung Galaxy S20 6.2"/G980

LG Stylo 6



Apple iPhone 11 6.1"

Apple iPhone 11 Max 6.5"

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 5.8"

Samsung Galaxy A10E

Samsung Galaxy S10e 5.8"/G970

LG Stylo 5

LG Aristo 3 LMX220

Motorola Moto E6

Motorola Moto G7 Play

Coolpad Legacy 3705A

Coolpad Illumina / 3310 / Legecy Go



Apple iPhone XS / X

Apple iPhone XS MAX 6.5

Apple iPhone XR 6.1

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.5"

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core/J260

Samsung Galaxy A6/A600

Samsung J737P Galaxy J7(2018)/J7 Refine/J7 V 2nd Gen

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018)/J3 Star/ Express Prime 3 /J337/J3 V/J3 3rd Gen/ J3 Achieve

Samsung Galaxy S9 G960

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus G965


LG K30/X410/ Premier Pro L413DL/ K10 (2018) /MS425

LG Aristo 2 Plus/ Risio 3/ K8 PLUS (2018)/
Fortune 2/ Zone 4/ K8(2018)/ SP200
(Tribute Dynasty)/ X210(Aristo 2)

Motorola Moto G6 Play / G6 Forge XT1922

Motorola Moto E5 Plus/ Supra XT1924

Motorola Moto E5 Play/ Cruise XT1921

Coolpad Illumina /3310



LG Aristo 2/Tribute Dynasty

ZTE Blade Force N9517

LG Xpower 2 LV7

ZTE Tempo X N9137/ Blade Vantage Z839/Fanfare 3

Motorola Moto E4

Motorola Moto E4 Plus/XT1773

ZTE Max XL N9560

Samsung Galaxy S8/G950

ZTE N9136/ Prestige 2/ Z835 Maven 3 / Overture 3 / Z837VL / ZFIVE 2


LG Stylo 3/LS777

Samsung Galaxy J7(2017) / Galaxy J7 V
/J7 Sky Pro/J7 Perx Moniker/J727

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